Fuel Pump Fiasco: Refueling Clients with Millions in Settlements

Our team is dedicated to holding car manufacturers responsible. We have secured hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients/consumers in recent automobile fuel pump class action cases. These lawsuits highlight concerns over vehicle safety and the financial impact on consumers due to alleged manufacturer oversights.

Subaru Success: Valued At Over $230 Million In Settlement Benefits To Class Members

In April 2020, Subaru originally only included 190,000 vehicles in their initial fuel pump recall. Beasley Allen filed a class action that same month contending the recall was inadequate and more vehicles were affected by the alleged defective fuel pumps. Subaru later added 165,000 vehicles in a second recall. However, as a result of our team’s relentless pursuit of justice, another 170,000 vehicles were added as well, and then an additional 860,000 vehicles were included in the settlement, totaling 1.3 million vehicles. This substantial expansion to the settlement was the primary reason for the delay in filing for Preliminary Approval, but it was a necessary step to provide a more comprehensive solution for those affected.

The lawsuit alleged that a part called an “impeller” inside the fuel pump, which is supposed to move fuel from the tank to the engine, was made of a material that wasn’t strong enough for the job. This caused it to soak up too much fuel, change shape, and stop working as intended. This resulted in issues with the car’s acceleration and could also cause the vehicle to stall or completely lose power while in motion. Those fuel pumps were supplied to Subaru and to other Japanese manufacturers through a supplier known as Denso. Denso was a defendant in all these fuel pump class cases as well.

Mazda Settlement: On the Horizon

We’ve also reached a tentative settlement agreement in the Mazda Fuel Pump Class Action case, a smaller class case, but with a value exceeding approximately $78 million. The Preliminary Approval for this case was filed on May 3, 2024. We’re optimistic that we’ll be able to share the final terms of the Mazda settlement next month.

Honda: The Next Chapter

The Honda Fuel Pump case is still unfolding, with the discovery process underway. The class size for Honda could eclipse both Subaru and Mazda combined, indicating the potential for an even more impactful settlement for consumers.

Toyota: A Resolved Issue

Another recent case was the Toyota Fuel Pump Class Action, which was resolved in 2022 with a settlement valued at over  $289 million and representing 6.5 million class members.

This serves as a reminder of our commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for affected vehicle owners.

The Team

Demet Basar and Dylan Martin have been at the forefront of the approval process, while Clay Barnett, Mitch Williams, Trent Mann, and Dee Miles have provided invaluable legal expertise.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to navigate these cases and fight to hold these car manufacturers responsible.

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