Business Litigation

When a person or business has a legal dispute with another party, it can be challenging to agree on a resolution. That’s where business litigation comes into play. Most business litigation involves a dispute over a contract or agreement. State and federal courts, administrative hearings, or alternative dispute resolution called arbitration, can help resolve these cases. 

Business Litigation Demands Experience 

If you are involved in a business-related dispute, you know how much is at stake. That is why you need to hire experienced business litigation attorneys.  

Business litigation is one of the most intensive practices of any law firm. Beasley Allen’s nationally recognized and invaluable business litigation attorneys will guide you while protecting your rights and your company’s interests. 

“No matter the complexity of your case, we have the expertise to handle it for you,” Beasley Allen Principal Attorney Alison Hawthorne said. “At Beasley Allen, attorneys are very experienced in handling cases in all state and federal jurisdictions. Our clients can expect that local law firm feel, but with nationwide experience.”   

Some areas of our business practice include:

Antitrust – Antitrust litigation was created to prevent monopolies from taking control of entire industries, limiting consumer options, and putting more wealth in fewer entities’ hands. It involves investigating concerns such as monopoly leveraging, price-fixing or predatory pricing, unfair competition, and unfair and deceptive trade acts and practices.

Commercial DisputesCommercial disputes happen when two businesses, a business and a customer or business partners’ dispute. The disagreement may be over breach of contract, defamation, or another type of fraud. 

Intellectual PropertyIntellectual property laws protect the rights of those who create products of the mind, like ideas, inventions and art. Areas of intellectual property include trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. 

States & Municipalities – Our law firm’s business litigation team has a successful history of handling high-profile cases for states and municipalities, including financial loss, consumer injury and environmental disasters. Notable topics include Medicaid fraud, water contamination, opioids and the BP oil spill litigation. 

Watch: Paul Evans and James Eubank explain the general principles Business Litigation and how we can help you.

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For more than 40 years, the Beasley Allen Law Firm has been committed to “helping those who need it most.”  Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling complex cases in courtrooms throughout the United States. We never stop working to bring our clients the justice they rightfully deserve.  

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Since 1979, Beasley Allen has been committed to “helping those who need it most.” Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients get the justice they desperately needed and deserved. You pay us nothing if we do not win for you. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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