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Beasley Allen Law Firm was founded more than 40 years ago with the intent of “helping those who need it the most.” Today, the firm has become one of the country’s leading law firms involved in civil litigation on behalf of claimants. We are honored to consistently be chosen by attorneys in Alabama, Georgia, and across the U.S., seeking co-counsel to help litigate complex personal injury cases.

Our attorneys are leaders in complex litigation in courtrooms across the country, including state and federal courts. We take on powerful corporate interests in the name of consumer and worker health and safety and stand at the forefront of plaintiff litigation. Our team of lawyers and professional support staff have the resources, experience, and exceptional knowledge to help you provide your client the best representation possible.

Beasley Allen’s Co-Counsel E-Newsletter is a subscription-based e-newsletter tailored specifically to attorneys. It spotlights the cases we are pursuing, provides updates on ongoing litigation, highlights the victories we achieve for our clients, and informs readers about the firm’s latest resources.

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