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Dangerous RV Tires

What are the dangers associated with RV tires?

Our firm has handled numerous cases against tire manufacturers when their tires fail, causing accidents and injury. One of the most serious types of failures of a steel belted radial tire is a de-tread and/or belt separation. Because of the stress concentrations and subsequent high internal temperatures at the edge of the belt, this area is particularly sensitive to manufacturing, design, and material problems. One tire that our firm has learned is experiencing problems with de-tread due to manufacturing and design defects is the Goodyear G159 275/70 22.5 RV tire.

Goodyear began selling the 275/70 22.5 as an RV tire in 1995 or 1996. Several RV manufacturers utilized this tire on their Class A models manufactured from this time until approximately 2004. These RV manufacturers selected this Goodyear RV tire for use on their RV’s based on Goodyear’s rating and recommendation that it was appropriate for the larger RV’s.

The 275/70 22.5 is not appropriate or safe for the larger RV’s. We have learned that the Goodyear 275/70 22.5 tire was originally designed by Goodyear to be used as a regional delivery truck tire. The 275/70 22.5 was not specifically designed or tested by Goodyear for use on RVs and the anticipated load and weight variables they present. Further, the RV manufacturers have performed no engineering or testing themselves to assure that the 275/70 22.5 is safe or appropriate for its RVs. Neither Goodyear nor the RV manufacturers have produced any information that the 275/70 22.5 was tested at speeds close to what we see on our country’s highways.

The problem with the 275/70 22.5 is that its design and manufacture process is inadequate for the expected loads on these big RVs. The Goodyear tires which we have examined have exhibited some of the worst failures we have seen. The design and manufacturing problems have lead to tire blowout and tread and outer belt separations of 275/70 22.5 across the country.

Goodyear and the RV manufacturers began learning of problems with this RV tire around 1997 or 1998. One RV manufacturer, Fleetwood, has recalled several of their RVs and replaced the 275/70 22.5 with a tire that is more robust and can account for the load variables RVs present. In 2002, Goodyear initiated a tire change over program on Monaco Coach’s Windsor, where Goodyear replaced 275/70 22.5 tires with the same tire that was utilized in the Fleetwood recall.

There are numerous claims pending against Goodyear and various RV manufacturers across the country. There are several RV’s on the road today equipped with this dangerous RV tire.

What can I do if I have been injured as the result of a defective RV tire?

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