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Video evidence enhances liability in truck accident cases

There’s much truth in the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when that picture is in the form of video footage, it can vastly enhance your ability to establish liability in your semi-truck accident case. Thousands of commercial tractor-trailers equipped with video surveillance and data systems are driving on U.S. roads and highways […]

Personal injury case reveals Takata lied about defective airbags

Defective airbags made by the Japanese automotive supplier Takata have triggered the largest auto safety recall in U.S. history, prompting 19 major automakers to warn vehicle owners about the risks of airbag explosions. Urgent and repeated airbag recall notices started going out to motorists in 2013 and continue to this day, yet 11 million vehicles with Takata’s faulty airbags continue to operate on […]

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Beasley Allen’s Gibson Vance is Alabama State Bar President-Elect

The firm’s Gibson Vance is currently serving as Vice President of the Alabama State Bar and is the 2021–2022 President-Elect, a position that will begin in July. For the last 20 years, Gibson has been a member of the firm’s Consumer Fraud Section and has handled cases throughout the state. Gibson was born in Troy, […]

FTC asks JUUL, vape companies for additional marketing data

JUUL and four other vape manufacturers have been asked by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to turn over marketing documents as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged deceptive marketing practices. The FTC seeks annual sales data, promotions such as giveaways, social media, college campus programs, and influencer and affiliate programs from 2019 and 2020. […]

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Fatal, non-fatal log truck accidents rose significantly from 2011-2015

Safely transporting products from woods to mills is an essential part of the forest product supply chain and often the most expensive, with roughly half of the total logging costs going toward trucking. But both fatal and non-fatal log truck accidents have increased significantly in recent years, which begs for further research to understand causation […]

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Worker’s serious injury reveals dangerous machinery hazard

When Beasley Allen attorney Kendall Dunson and a referring attorney toured the dry-cleaning factory where their client was seriously injured at work, they found more than they had bargained for. Not only did the employer expose workers to a serious workplace hazard, the company never reported the incident to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration […]

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$6.6 million fine for Boeing over safety, compliance failures

Two years ago, Mike Andrews, a lawyer in Beasley Allen’s Personal Injury and Product Liability Section, warned how deregulation of aviation oversight in the U.S. and specifically the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had led to the two fatal Boeing 737 MAX aviation disasters. Last week, the FAA announced a $6.6 million fine on Boeing over […]

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Mike Crow discusses tribal immunity

The history of tribal immunity in Alabama, even though it is not as long as one would expect, is complex.  Mike Crow recounts how Alabama’s only federally recognized Native American Indian tribe, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians or the Poarch Band, obtained that status. Federally recognized tribes are afforded certain benefits by the federal […]

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