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Magnified fibers present in asbestos products.

Asbestos Products Lurk in Commonly Used Consumer Goods

Industry giants knew for decades that their products contained, or could become contaminated with, asbestos. Yet they failed to warn about the risk of asbestos exposure. It has been known for decades that asbestos exposure can lead to serious diseases including lung cancer and mesothelioma. The asbestos products were widely used in automotive, construction, and […]

Mining Accidents and Mining Deaths

Mining Death Due to Defective Machine and Poor Training

Beasley Allen on-the-job attorney Kendall Dunson investigates a mining accident that killed a young, inexperienced miner and discovers several parties are to blame. The mining death involved a 24-year-old man who had only three days of mining experience under his belt when he was sent underground to assist a more seasoned miner with preparing the […]

Truck accidents are common in bad weather but defective design is also responsible for some accidents.

Semi-Truck Accidents Often More Than Workers Compensation Cases

The most recent on-the-job injury figures from the federal government show that work-related injuries and deaths are on the rise in the U.S., with semi-truck accidents and other transportation-related accidents accounting for a staggering share of on-the-job deaths. More Deaths than Construction and Heavy Industries Combined According to federal labor data, in 2019, one worker […]

Empty gas station like this one investigated by premises liability lawyers.

Premises Liability Lawyers Investigate Negligent Security

Beasley Allen’s premises liability lawyers examine whether a Texaco gas station in Atlanta did enough to protect its customers after a young father was gunned down on the property. Atlanta has continuously landed in the national spotlight over the past year for one very troubling reason: the surge in violent crime that has overtaken many […]

shop shelves full of sunscreens with benzene

Consumers Should be ‘Very Concerned’ about Sunscreens With Benzene

Summer brings people outdoors and into the warm sunshine. It also puts them at risk for skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology strongly encourages us to use broad-spectrum sunscreen liberally all over our bodies—enough to fill a shot glass—and reapply every two hours to protect against UVA and UVB rays, but is your sunscreen […]

Lady Justice

Tom Methvin Continues to Fight for Those Who Need It Most

When Beasley Allen’s managing partner Tom Methvin took the helm of the Alabama State Bar in July 2009, he turned the spotlight on the issue of access to justice. Who will help the poor get access to justice? Alabama was 51st in spending on civil legal aid—even behind Puerto Rico—and is still one of only three […]

Baby sleeper products like Rock n Play on sale

Congressional Probe of Deadly Rock N Play Sleeper Applauded

Beasley Allen lawyers commend the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform for its thorough investigation of the deadly Rock ‘N Play infant sleeper manufactured by Fisher-Price and its parent Mattel. The report exposes the great lengths the companies exercised to circumvent the national safety oversight system and the inadequate regulatory and enforcement powers of […]

A court building for U.S. Financial Life

$28m Settlement Pending for US Financial Life Policyholders

Ohio federal District Judge Matthew W. McFarland preliminarily approved a $28 million proposed settlement with the named plaintiff and a proposed settlement class involving nearly 12,000 policyholders of US Financial Life Insurance Company. Final Approval in August Plaintiff and class members alleged the insurer unjustifiably increased the cost of insurance (COI) charges on certain universal […]

Junk science and justice in consumer litigation.

Justice Prevails Over ‘Junk Science’ in Consumer Litigation

In a commentary published in Law360, Beasley Allen’s Leigh O’Dell called out corporate America for building a significant litigation theme around the specter of “junk science.” “In defending itself for the marketing of everything from pesticides to pharmaceuticals, the pro-tort reform crowd can be expected to trot out the canard that any science other than […]

Negligent Security or Ordinary Negligence?

Beasley Allen’s premises liability lawyers often receive calls to investigate and pursue various types of premises liability cases. Many of the cases involve negligent security claims, which tend to grab the attention of personal injury lawyers, particularly in Georgia, due to the complexity of legal issues these cases embody and the potential for catastrophic damages […]

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