$162 Million Rollover Settlement – The Largest in Georgia for a Single Automobile Accident

In 2021, a heartbreaking event occurred when a van transporting 16 members of the We Are Living Proof community to a meeting in Georgia was involved in an accident. The van, a model known for its challenges, unfortunately flipped on the interstate, leading to a fire. The vehicle was equipped with the wrong load range tires adding to its problems.

This incident resulted in the loss of seven cherished individuals and serious injuries to nine others. Beasley Allen represented five of the wrongful death cases and another four injury cases. Alan Hamilton of Shiver Hamilton Campbell represented two of the wrongful death claimants and four injury cases. Our firm has worked diligently to bring some solace to the families impacted through a settlement, believed to be Georgia’s largest arising from a single-automobile accident, that reflects not only our commitment to justice but also our hope for their healing.

The Case:

The legal action taken addressed concerns regarding various factors contributed to by the defendants that led the van to losing control and ultimately rolling over instead of continuing on after a lane change that should not have been significant.

Confidential settlements were reached with various defendants. The defendants continued to deny liability until the final resolution of the case.

The Strategy:

Chris Glover carefully chose the order and timing of settlements to strategically apply pressure on the defendant and prevent them from shifting blame onto each other. This approach secured maximum compensation for our clients and provided us with a tactical advantage, allowing us to outmaneuver the opposition at every turn.  Navigating the various diverse legal issues between the defendants, some novel, required a great deal of planning and skill.

The Team:

The success of this case hinged on the exceptional dedication and skill of our legal team, led by Chris Glover. Chris credits Alyssa Baskam’s tenacity in depositions and brilliance in legal briefings, as well as Stephen Mulherin’s veteran-like performance and strategic contributions. He also says that the efforts were complemented by the wisdom of mentors Greg Allen and Cole Portis and the marketing insight of Gibson Vance and Tom Methvin.

This case was more than a legal challenge; it was a journey that profoundly transformed the team’s professional lives and reinforced Beasley Allen’s commitment to justice.

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