Pure Poison: Paraquat Ban Pushed in California

Paraquat is a very strong weed killer that has been used for more than 60 years. Even though it’s very dangerous, it’s still popular for getting rid of weeds. But, due to health concerns like Parkinson’s disease, California is thinking about banning it. There’s a new law (Assembly Bill 1963) that aims to stop the use of paraquat in all areas, including farms, by the end of 2025. This idea is supported by extensive scientific evidence showing how harmful paraquat can be.

Dangers of Paraquat:

  • Health Risks: Paraquat can enter the body via ingestion, inhalation, or skin contact. A small amount, even a teaspoon, can be fatal, and no antidote exists.
  • Link to Parkinson’s Disease: Parkinson’s disease is a disease that gets worse over time and affects the nerves. It’s been found that harmful substances in the environment, like paraquat, can be connected to Parkinson’s. Studies show that paraquat might start or speed up the development of this disease.
  • International Restrictions: More than 90 countries, along with the European Union, have either completely banned or put limits on using paraquat. Even though China, where paraquat was first made, has banned its use, it’s still the top country making and sending it out.

Recent Research Findings:

  • Recent studies around the world have found that certain harmful chemicals, like paraquat, are linked to Parkinson’s disease.
  • Research shows that people who work on farms and are around paraquat are over twice as likely to get Parkinson’s than people who aren’t exposed to it.
  • The connection between paraquat and Parkinson’s has been recognized by its manufacturers for some time.

Paraquat Usage Statistics:

  • In the U.S., approximately 18 million pounds of paraquat are used annually.
  • In California alone, over 1 million pounds are applied each year.
  • Paraquat can persist in the soil for extended periods.

The Beasley Allen Paraquat Litigation Team continues to be deeply involved in paraquat-related legal actions, participating in cases within the California JCCP and the MDL in the Southern District of Illinois. The team collaborates with various firms to provide guidance on managing these cases.

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