Parker Miller Named Finalist for 2023 Southeastern Legal Awards “Attorney of the Year”

Parker Miller, a principal in Beasley Allen’s Atlanta office, is one of three finalists for the Daily Report’s Southeastern Legal Awards 2023 Attorney of the Year. The award recognizes a Southeastern lawyer who had the biggest impact on the law, the Southeast legal community, or did the most to advance the cause of justice in 2022. Beasley Allen is honored to have been on this list two years in a row.

When I see the combination of the diversity of the cases and the demands that all of them required that are different, and then the results, it tells me that I’ve climbed a ladder

Parker Miller – Daily Report.

Parker grew up on a cattle farm in Marengo County, Alabama, and is no stranger to hard work.

His parents instilled in him a “tough, blue-collar mentality.” Today, as a principal in Beasley Allen’s Atlanta Office, Miller’s dedication to excellence has led him to become a finalist for the 2023 “Attorney of the Year” award at the Southeastern Legal Awards. 

I really feel like this past year has been a watershed moment in my career. There’s been a lot of work behind the scenes when nobody’s looking, late at night, early in the morning, on my own … that people don’t see. All this work that I’ve done has been recognized by somebody. That’s humbling. 

Parker Miller – Daily Report.

He has helped clients of all kinds – individuals, families, businesses, and state governments – recover an impressive $3.5 billion in verdicts and settlements. 

His work on several high-stakes disputes in 2022, including a $26 million negligent security global settlement, has only further cemented his reputation as a skilled and effective advocate for his clients.

To be able to deliver that result was extremely meaningful because sometimes, unfortunately, no matter how hard you work… that reward doesn’t come. So when it does come, it’s humbling, to say the least.

Parker Miller – Daily Report.

Last year alone, Parker secured resolutions valued at an impressive $1 billion. He served as lead trial counsel in a landmark $160 million verdict for the families of concertgoers killed at a production in Atlanta, negotiated and secured a $17.25 million trucking settlement, and a $6 million global policy limits settlement following a workplace accident. 

Parker’s reputation as a top-notch litigator was already well-established in Georgia. He was the outside counsel co-lead to Attorney General Chris Carr in the state’s litigation against opioid manufacturers and distributors since 2018. Parker played a crucial role in this significant civil action that resulted in the recovery of $636 million to date. 

“I’m most proud of that I made it through. I didn’t-quit. I stayed true and consistent.”

From the outside looking in, his nomination for Attorney of the Year seems clear. However, when asked for the reason behind his nomination, he noticed a recurring theme in his most noteworthy cases.

I can see all those clients in my mind and what I really see is their trust. It doesn’t matter how big the case is. It just matters whether somebody placed enough trust in me to hire me as their lawyer and to trust what I said and then to be able to deliver.

Parker Miller – Daily Report.

Those who have worked with Parker throughout his career believe the nomination is well-deserved. 2022 Attorney of the Year finalist and Beasley Allen managing attorney Chris Glover said it’d been “such a pleasure to practice with a friend like Parker.” 

“He is a tremendous legal mind, but his success also comes because he always puts the clients’ needs first by tirelessly pursuing the maximum justice achievable on every case,” Chris said.

Fellow Beasley Allen attorneys Navan Ward and Alyssa Baskam agreed. Adding on the below:

Navan considers Parker “a great lawyer” but also wanted to note “his greatest asset is his character.” “He is trustworthy, committed, and determined. His work product speaks for itself and always exceeds expectations,” Navan said. “He has great communication skills and an uncanny ability to relate to just about anyone. This served him particularly well when brokering an opioid deal between the state of Georgia, the Georgia Legislature, and over 200 Georgia local governments.”

Alyssa commended Parker’s commitment to excellence.

Parker is the type of lawyer who leaves no stone unturned. He is never satisfied with ‘adequate.’ He is always learning, growing, and pushing for our clients. With him, it truly is all about our clients and doing everything he can to ensure the best possible outcome for them. His heart and work ethic shine through in everything he does, and we are so lucky to have him in the Beasley Allen Atlanta office.

Alyssa Baskam

He has a deep respect for Beasley Allen and sees it as a huge professional compliment to be able to contribute as much as possible.

They trusted in me at a time when no other law firm did, and they’ve always done that. They’ve always invested in me,” Parker said. “I think maybe the greatest professional compliment I could get would be to be trusted by my firm to help it as best I can.”

I’ve always been that personality that ‘anything can be taken from me at any time if I don’t stay aware and on guard. You’ve got to start thinking about the next step because no matter how good the time was before, it can all be taken away.

Parker Miller – Daily Report.

Parker continues to look ahead; whether he is named attorney of the year, his focus is to keep growing. 

He’s leading the charge on several high-profile cases, including a groundbreaking lawsuit against MindGeek for alleged child sex trafficking and racketeering and wrongful death suits against a Mississippi tire company and a Georgia mobile home park owner. 

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