Steps Forward in Social Media Litigation: Bellwether Trials Scheduled

We began filing social media personal injury lawsuits in 2022 and continue to lead the charge. Our law firm now represents hundreds of individuals, schools and government groups all over the United States.

This multidistrict litigation (MDL) and the associated Judicial Council Coordination Proceedings (JCCP) involve some of the world’s largest social media platforms.

These platforms, like Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube, decided to overlook and keep secret the effects they have on the mental health of young people. The results are widespread, leading to both emotional and physical damage and, in some cases, death.

Bellwether Breakdown: MDL & JCCP


The MDL is in the Northern District of California, Oakland Division. Plaintiffs and Defendants have made their bellwether selections and are now in the process of determining how to handle cases where the client is not moving forward with trial. The judge wants the bellwether pool to be representative of the broader discovery pool. Cases filed include:

  • 227 personal injury cases
  • 159 school district cases
  • 34 cases on behalf of state attorneys’ general


The JCCP is in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles. The Judge determined that the Bellwether trial pool would include 10-12 cases, randomly selected from categories set by the parties and the court. Plaintiffs in the JCCP include:

  • 622 personal injuries
  • 546 school districts
  • 2 local governments

Beasley Allen’s Joseph VanZandt is a member of the Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC) in the MDL and was appointed as a co-lead in the JCCP.

The first personal injury trial is estimated to begin in June 2025. The first school district trial has not been scheduled yet.

As both move forward, we anticipate more trial dates to be set for personal injury cases and school district cases in the MDL and the JCCP.

The impacts of social media addiction and the responsibility of companies for their products go beyond individual cases—it influences whole communities and schools. We will continue to fight to hold these companies accountable.

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