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NHTSA Is Investigating 2010 Ford Fusion Power Steering Failures

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened another investigation involving a Ford recall. Problems with the 2010 Ford Fusion power steering systems have caused NHTSA to open the investigation. Ford Fusion owners filed nearly 550 complaints. Owners of 2010 Fusions allege they suddenly lose power steering while driving, causing problems with controlling the cars, especially at slow speeds or on curves.

Some owners report the “power steering assist fault” warning lights activate at the same time power steering is lost, but the lights don’t illuminate until the power steering fails. This leaves drivers unaware of what is about to happen until it’s too late, something NHTSA says has caused 12 crashes and four injuries. Complaints also suggest the loss of power steering can happen at any speed, and the failures can come and go as they will.

Ford has previously experienced trouble with the loss of power steering assist in Fusions. The automaker had recalled 423,000 vehicles earlier, including the 2011-2012 Ford Fusion. That recall came about as a result of a 2014 investigation of power steering problems. The automaker blamed the power steering loss on an electrical connection in the steering gear, but for some reason, the 2010 Ford Fusion wasn’t included in the recall.

Ford dealers were told to approach the recall repairs based on what diagnostic trouble codes appeared. In certain situations, dealers updated the software for the power steering control modules. In other cases, dealers replaced the steering gears. NHTSA says it opened the investigation because power steering complaints were increasing from Ford Fusion owners. Based on the results, safety regulators may upgrade the investigation, recall the cars or determine no safety defect exists. You can go to for updates on this investigation.


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