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Our Atlanta Lawyers Settle $19.5 Million Auto Product Liability Case

A group of personal injury lawyers in Beasley Allen’s Atlanta office recently settled an auto product liability case with an auto manufacturer, securing $19.5 million in compensation for a wrongful death resulting from an auto defect.

The victim in this case should have survived the collision. Instead, the vehicle’s defect turned what should have been a relatively minor accident into a fatal one.

Investigating the causes of the automobile accident, Beasley Allen’s team of lawyers found a deadly defect that put the lives of vehicle occupants at high risk of injury and death.

This Georgia case was one of many similar auto product liability cases Beasley Allen lawyers have successfully litigated. We put decades of experience, auto safety expertise, and knowledge of the automotive industry behind every auto accident lawsuit we file for our clients. Much of this experience involves knowing how to look for evidence of defects in automobile accident cases. When we uncover such evidence and back it up with additional discovery, an auto accident case becomes one of auto product liability.

Preserving the product at the center of a potential auto product liability case is critical to our investigations. The product must be unaltered from its condition at the time of the accident. Upon finishing an investigation, we begin extensive research with engineers and other industry experts to uncover what went wrong with the subject product.

In discovery, our lawyers found documents that proved the defendant in this case knew for decades about the subject auto’s defect and the dangers it posed to motorists, yet it failed to correct the problem or warn vehicle owners. The defect put millions of motorists at risk. Some, like our client, died needlessly in accidents that would have been survivable had the manufacturers acted responsibly and taken action to correct the defect.

Chris Glover, Managing Attorney of Beasley Allen’s Atlanta office who litigated the case, said the defect at the center of this auto product liability case put countless unsuspecting motorists at risk of injury and death.

“All cases we try are important to us, but I’m exceptionally proud of Beasley Allen’s work to secure justice for our clients in this case,” said Chris Glover. “We poured our hearts into this case, so it is extremely rewarding to us that our clients were able to get this measure of justice. They wanted to take a stand to help keep this from happening to another family, and I’m confident we did just that.”

Our history of serving clients includes hundreds of auto product liability cases, many of which underscore the cooperative relationship between our law firm and other firms and how our combined resources and strengths work for the client’s benefit.

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