Beasley Allen awarded $715,000 in federal truck wreck case

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A jury has awarded $715,000 in a federal truck wreck case where our client suffered lasting bodily injuries.

Although the collision between the truck and our client didn’t cause significant vehicle damage, the young woman suffered injuries to her shoulder and hip.

Despite her complicated medical history and gap in treatment, Beasley Allen attorney Preston Moore convinced the jury that the negligence of the other party led to the client’s suffering.

When the client came to Beasley Allen, she had been previously encouraged to settle. The defense told our attorneys they could offer at most $310,000 for a settlement.

As Preston and Mike reviewed the medical records and learned the client’s true story, they were able to develop key trial testimony by video deposition of certain treating physicians. That eventually caused this insurer to offer a final $500,000 settlement.

The jury returned a verdict of $715,000, much more than our client would have initially received if she had not made the choice to bring her case to Beasley Allen.

“This outcome shows the validity of the Beasley Allen difference,” Moore said. “A big part of the reason we can get the results we do for our clients is that we don’t work to settle like other firms. When you’re our client, we go the distance to get you the compensation you deserve.”

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