Beasley Allen’s Mobile Office Resolves Trucking Case for $1.25 Million

Our Mobile office secured $1.25 million in a commercial trucking case. The lawsuit alleged negligent and wanton inspection and maintenance of a commercial trailer.

The incident happened when a dual wheel end and tire assembly broke off from the trailer and hit our client’s vehicle, resulting in a broken toe. During our investigation, we discovered that the trailer was leased by a separate entity responsible for routine and preventive maintenance. As a result, we added the leasing company as a defendant in the litigation.

After several rounds of document requests and multiple depositions, we discovered that the leasing company had performed maintenance on the trailer less than a month before the accident. Unfortunately, the technician who did the maintenance was new and not well-trained. They did not properly lubricate the wheel and tire assembly, which caused it to detach from the trailer and hit our client’s vehicle.

Many commercial motor vehicle accidents result from mechanical failures resulting from negligent or reckless inspection, repair, or maintenance. Federal regulations mandate that motor carriers systematically inspect, maintain, and repair all motor vehicles under their control. These regulations also require that the truck and its parts are in safe operating condition at all times. Identifying all parties responsible for maintaining commercial motor vehicles in compliance with FMCSR is crucial to ensuring our clients receive adequate compensation for their losses.

“Our team at Beasley Allen is dedicated to holding negligent parties accountable for their actions and ensuring that our clients receive the compensation they deserve,” Lead attorney Wyatt Montgomery said. “In commercial motor vehicle cases, identifying all parties responsible for the maintenance and safety of the vehicle is crucial to obtaining a successful outcome for our clients.”

At Beasley Allen, we have extensive experience investigating and litigating these cases to their full value. If you have a case involving a commercial motor vehicle, we would love the opportunity to work with you.

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