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What To Look For When Considering Sending A Product Liability Case To Beasley Allen

Determining whether an auto accident, particularly a single-vehicle accident, was caused by a defect takes a lot of time and resources. That is where Beasley Allen’s team of product liability lawyers come into play.

In addition to more than 80 lawyers, our firm employs a staff of more than 200 other professionals, including a support staff of full-time nurses, investigators, computer specialists, technologists, a marketing department, and a comprehensive trial graphics team who work to support our clients.

We have also developed a network of industry-specific experts over the past 40 years that we work with to determine and prove that an automotive defect was to blame for causing an injury or death.
When referring attorneys contact us about a possible auto product liability case, our lawyers will take the first step to inspect the injury-causing product.

Preservation of the product at the center of a potential auto product liability case is vital to our investigation. The product must be unaltered from its state at the time the accident occurred. Once the inspection is complete, we move forward with the facts and evidence and begin extensive research with engineers and other industry experts to uncover what went wrong with the subject product.

Outside of most class action product liability cases, our investigations require an inspection, extensive research, and analyses by industry-specific professionals before reaching a proper understanding of a product defect.

Of course, some cases are more complex than others due to the nature of the accident. Suppose a client tells you that a loved one died in a single-vehicle accident, the basic criteria for a case are met because an individual was traumatically injured while using a product.
If the client or a loved one is severely injured in a vehicular rollover accident, ejected while wearing a seat belt, or involved in a crash due to sudden tire blowout, more specific criteria for a case are met.

Such examples are limitless, and, unfortunately, cases are often missed. We at Beasley Allen believe that it is necessary to hold automakers and suppliers liable for product defects that cause injury or death. When potential auto product liability cases are missed, manufacturers continue to put dangerous, defective products on the market, further endangering all of us and our families.

In our history of serving clients, hundreds of auto product liability cases underscore the cooperative relationship between two law firms and how their combined resources and strengths can benefit the client.

We take immense pride that so many referring lawyers have trusted us to handle major auto liability cases. We consider it both an honor and a privilege to work with referring attorneys in leading clients to a successful resolution of their case.

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