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Mike Crow discusses tribal immunity

The history of tribal immunity in Alabama, even though it is not as long as one would expect, is complex.  Mike Crow recounts how Alabama’s only federally recognized Native American Indian tribe, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians or the Poarch Band, obtained that status. Federally recognized tribes are afforded certain benefits by the federal government, including tribal immunity or Native American Indian tribal sovereign immunity. The doctrine provides immunity from lawsuits for Native American Indian tribes in the U.S. Mike explains how this regulation has become less of a protective measure and more of an endless means for tribes to altogether avoid liability and lawsuits to the detriment of personal injury plaintiffs. Mike’s story is available here.

Mike is a principal in Beasley Allen Law Firm’s Personal Injury and Products Liability Section, mainly handling car and truck litigation, premise liability cases and brain injury cases. He has handled cases involving the Poarch Band.

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