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Lawsuit filed for family traumatized, endangered at Walgreens

Beasley Allen Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Walgreens, alleging the management and staff of a Walgreens store in Farragut, Tennessee, inflicted physical harm and emotional distress on a family. The incident occurred May 18, 2017, when Jamie Collins Doss, while shopping with her son, Elijah, suffered a severe medical emergency. Mrs. Doss has Addison’s disease and recognized the symptoms of a crisis. She asked Elijah to go out to the car to get her husband, Jeremy, who was waiting for them.

Instead, the complaint alleges, the store manager detained Elijah, preventing him from leaving the store and searching his backpack as if he had stolen something. Despite Mrs. Doss showing her Medic Alert and begging for help, she was ignored by store personnel. By the time her husband came into the store looking for his family, Mrs. Doss had worsened to the point she lost consciousness. The Doss family is represented by Beasley Allen attorneys Warner Hornsby and Jere Beasley, as well as Cynthia L. Wagner, Chadwick B. Tindell, and Michael R. Franz of Lacy Price & Wagner law firm in Knoxville, Tennessee.

This is a situation that should absolutely never happen. The defendants owed a duty of care to Mrs. Doss as a patron of the Walgreens establishment, and they breached that duty by ignoring her pleas for help. Making matters worse, they caused Elijah and Mr. Doss serious emotional injury by their actions.

— Warner Hornsby, Associate

As a result of their treatment at the hands of the Walgreens employees, the complaint alleges Mrs. Doss suffered a much more severe health crisis because of her Addison’s than she would have, to the point of threatening her life. Additionally, she and her family were traumatized. Elijah is very familiar with his mother’s condition and likely feared for her life, as well as being humiliated by being suspected of thievery. Mr. Doss also was traumatized by finding his wife in critical medical condition and witnessing his son’s humiliation.

The complaint is filed in the Circuit Court for Knox County, Tennessee, Civil Action No. 1-112-18.

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