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International Tribunal Finds Monsanto Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

Recently, the International Monsanto Tribunal, based in The Hague, Netherlands, declared that Monsanto’s activities adversely affect more than the world’s access to food. They declare that they also negatively affect the human right to health. They also find the company guilty of perverting scientific freedom. The Tribunal describes itself as “an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations, for crimes against humanity, and for ecocide.”

Crimes Against Humanity

The tribunal consists of five internationally acclaimed judges. The five judges heard the testimonies of 30 witnesses and experts from five continents. The judges stated that the company’s seed empire adversely affects the world’s access to food. They further state that by producing and distributing PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), glyphosate, and similar substances, Monsanto has infringed on the public’s right to high standards of health.

Additionally, the tribunal found that Monsanto perverts scientific freedom. The company practices forms of intimidation, pressures governments, and discredits legitimate scientific research supporting public health and environmental protection.

As the tribunal explains, Monsanto has been profiting from their creation of destructive and harmful compounds since the early 1900’s. These toxic products–PCBs, Agent Orange, Lasso, Roundup, and others–have catastrophically damaged the environment and made an uncountable number of people sick. Beyond spreading poisonous chemicals around the globe, Monsanto advocates and promotes damaging, unsustainable farming practices.

These practices contribute to the following problems:

  • soil degradation
  • depletion of water resources
  • species extinction
  • reduced biodiversity
  • displacement of small farms

In addition to all that, Monsanto’s business of seed patenting threatens food freedom and sovereignty. This is a huge problem that for some reason hasn’t received the media coverage it deserves.

The biotech company has spent enormous sums of money defending itself against lawsuits brought by victims. However, thus far legal action has yet to inspire the company to change its ways. Critics also claim that Monsanto is guilty of lobbying governments and regulatory agencies to keep its products on the market, and to keep scrutinizing eyes at bay.

Inspiring Action

While the ruling from the International Monsanto Tribunal is not legally binding, there is hope that their verdict will inspire other governments and agencies to get on board. The fact that an international body has found Monsanto guilty of crimes against humanity, violations of human rights and ecocide is a tremendous step forward toward the goal of ending the corporation’s reign of harm.

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Newstarget –May 5 2017

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