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Inside Beasley Allen: Working with referring attorneys to bridge clients’ needs

We continue our Inside Beasley Allen series with a look at the important role referring attorneys play in the firm’s work.

The importance of building good relationships with clients is vital to a law firm’s credibility and success. Equally important is its relationships with others in the profession, such as referring attorneys. Although the days of doing business with just a handshake have all but disappeared, Beasley Allen strives to conduct business with the same honorable mindset. This approach allows everyone – the firm, referring attorneys, and clients – to benefit from a strong partnership. Additionally, clients benefit from the various resources each lawyer brings to the table, not to mention the strength in numbers.

Practicing attorneys know that cases are often more complicated than conventional. They may require unexpected, up-front investments, including time and money. Regardless of the reason that an attorney refers a case to Beasley Allen, firm attorneys and staff know that the referring attorney chooses to partner in an effort to improve the outcome for their client. Firm employees assist referring attorneys and their clients, ensuring they receive prompt and courteous care.

One of those staff members is Anna Pender-Pierce, a 28-year veteran of Beasley Allen. As the Referring Attorney Liaison, Anna’s role is specifically dedicated to addressing the needs of referring attorneys. Although Anna helps with matters firmwide, a large portion of her time and attention is focused on attorneys working with the Mass Torts Section because of the volume and complexity of cases handled by the section. Anna understands the significant role referring attorneys play in the firm’s work and that maintaining communication is fundamental to the process.

“Keeping people informed is one of my top goals because it gives them a positive experience,” said Anna. “Respecting people and their time is the best way to demonstrate gratitude for trusting us.”

Beasley Allen staff is mindful that each case represents unique and individual needs and has implemented a process that endeavors to provide reliable access and availability. Referring attorneys and clients receive intake packets immediately following their initial contact with the firm. Throughout the case, staff provide regular updates and ongoing support.

“When referring attorneys don’t have to worry about the status of a client’s case, they feel comfortable referring other clients in the future,” said Anna.

The staff also works with referring attorneys to confirm all referrals are addressed, and proper credit is assigned to those partnering with the firm. This includes sending fee-split letters to the referring attorneys, as well as a regularly updated list of cases the firm has on file for individual referring attorneys. These steps also help ensure referring attorneys are compensated for their work and giving Beasley Allen the opportunity to help their client.

A recent example of this thoroughness involved an attorney who referred a client with a potential talcum powder case. While investigating her case and potential claim, Beasley Allen staff discovered the client also had an additional Mass Tort claim. When the attorney received the fee-split letter regarding the second claim, the attorney was confused. She said she referred the client for only one claim. Beasley Allen staff explained the discovery of the second claim.

“Civility is the essence of a good relationship and, at the end of the day, if people know you respect them, they’ll want to nurture and maintain that relationship,” said Anna.

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