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$1.5 Million Verdict For Georgia Child Injured By Texting Driver

A Fulton County, Ga., jury has returned $1.5 million verdict in favor of a girl who suffered a skull fracture and other injuries when the car she was in was struck at a red light by a pickup truck whose driver was texting. Chasity Anderson, now 15, has made a “fairly remarkable recovery” after being paralyzed for several weeks. She still has vision problems and mild attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a result of the 2007 crash.

The accident happened when Chasity’s mother, Sharon Anderson, stopped on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard to wait for a light to change. A Ford F-250 pickup truck belonging to lawn service company Arbor-Nomics Turf Inc., driven by Kevin Brenner, slammed into the rear of the car. Chasity, then 7, was sitting in her car seat. The driver of the pick up, Brenner, subsequently admitted that he had been texting a customer he was on the way to see when he hit the Andersons’ car.

Chasity was thrown forward and hit her head on the front seat, resulting in two temporal skull fractures and a fractured left eye orbital, as well as soft tissue damage. En route to Gwinnett Medical Center, Chasity suffered a seizure and went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance. She again had a seizure and cardiac arrest at the emergency room. Jon Peters, a lawyer with the Altana firm Peter, & Monyak, represented the Plaintiff in this case.


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