Wrongful death lawsuit filed after negligent death of Georgia man

Beasley Allen has filed a wrongful death complaint on behalf of a Georgia woman whose husband died as the result of negligence. 

Beasley Allen attorneys Kendall Dunson and Preston Moore represent Angie Neely Penn and her late husband, Ojeda Lamar Penn. The suit has been filed against Georgia landscaping company Scadia Landscape LLC and Bernardo Bustos, one of its employees.

The incident occurred in January 2023 while Bernardo Bustos drove the company’s 2012 Chevy Silverado. While driving the vehicle, Bustos failed to exercise proper care and backed the vehicle over Ojeda Lamar Penn.

According to the complaint, Bustos had a responsibility to the public, including Ojeda Lamar Penn, to operate his vehicle with proper care and safety. However, Bustos failed to fulfill this obligation, and his breach resulted in severe injuries and the unfortunate death of Ojeda Lamar Penn.

Scadia Landscape LLC should also be held accountable for Ojeda Lamar Penn’s death. Scadia should have ensured that Bustos received sufficient training to carry out his duties safely. Additionally, Scadia knew or should have been aware that Bustos did not possess a valid driver’s license but allowed him to operate their company vehicle.

The lawsuit is seeking compensatory damages and punitive damages for Ojeda Lamar Penn’s negligent death.

Ojeda Lamar Penn was a well-known, highly regarded jazz composer and pianist, band leader, and recording artist. Penn regularly performed at jazz festivals and recorded original compositions.

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