Auto Accident: Crashed Ford Fiesta due to defective transmission

Mobile, Alabama, Lawyers Investigate Engine Failure, Interstate Auto Crash

Wyatt Montgomery and Evan Allen in our firm’s Mobile, Alabama, office are investigating a potential automotive products liability case involving one death and one catastrophic injury.  The potential case arises from a car wreck on I-10 in Baldwin County, Alabama.  The wreck was caused when a young woman’s vehicle lost power while she was driving down the interstate.  As a result of the engine failure, the driver could not get her vehicle completely off the highway.  While she and her friend attempted to get the vehicle off the road, her vehicle was struck by passing traffic.  The collision resulted in catastrophic injuries to the young woman and the death of her friend who was there helping her.

The vehicle manufacturer and its parent corporation have had issues in recent years with engine failures across multiple product lines.  Wyatt and Evan are working with multiple experts to determine the cause of engine failure and whether the failure resulted from a design defect or a defect in the manufacturing process.

A design defect is a flaw inherent in a product’s blueprint that causes an unreasonable risk of injury to the user.  Design defects can be attributable to a wide range of potential flaws, such as the materials used or a configuration that makes the product unsafe.  If a design is defective, it will typically affect an entire product line.  If there is a defect in the manufacturing process, the flaw may only affect some of the products.

Often design, manufacturing or warning defects are not readily apparent.  That is why it is essential for lawyers to thoroughly investigate each case that resulted in catastrophic injuries or death to ensure they are maximizing the recovery for their clients and their families.  It is this approach Beasley Allen lawyers take when handling product liability cases.

If you or someone you know has been catastrophically injured or killed due to a motor vehicle collision and a defective product claim is or could be involved, the products liability lawyers at Beasley Allen will be glad to discuss the case with you.

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