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Beasley Allen representing family of man killed in I-85 crash

Lawyers from Beasley Allen Law Firm are representing Laura Quarles, whose husband, Gregory Quarles, was killed Jan. 31 in the northbound lane of I-85 in Montgomery, Alabama, near the Chantilly exit. Mr. Quarles was driving his Jeep Cherokee vehicle in the right-hand lane near the exit when an 18-wheeler failed to slow for traffic that was stopped due to an accident that occurred across the Interstate in the southbound lanes of I-85, but which caused traffic in the northbound lanes to slow and eventually stop.

An 18-wheeler operated by Joshua Lawrence Faircloth on behalf of Tennessee Steel Haulers (TSH) was behind Mr. Quarles. When Mr. Faircloth failed to stop his truck, he collided with the back of Mr. Quarles’s vehicle and pushed him into another 18-wheeler, resulting in an explosion and fire that killed Mr. Quarles. Beasley Allen lawyer J. Greg Allen is representing Mrs. Quarles in the wrongful death lawsuit.

“Coach Quarles was a fine husband and father. His wife and children miss him dearly,” Allen said. “This is the type of crash that could affect anyone’s family at any time. The weight of the two 18-wheelers caused horrific damage and an instantaneous explosion when Mr. Quarles’s vehicle was crushed between the two striking trucks. We hope this lawsuit will serve as a message and warning to those who operate heavy trucks that there are serious consequences to reckless operation of these massive vehicles.”

The complaint is filed in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Alabama, 03-CV-2017-900540.00.

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