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$4 Million for Client Disabled by Negligent Commercial Driver

Beasley Allen attorney Warner Hornsby obtained a $4 million settlement for a Jacksonville, Fla., woman seriously injured in an accident involving a negligent commercial driver.

“I am extremely happy that we were able to get this result for a very deserving client,” Beasley Allen attorney Hornsby said. “The defendant’s lack of concern for the safety of other people left our client disabled, without health insurance, and unable to care for herself. This settlement will ensure she can live and get the proper treatment she needs to heal.”

On July 17, 2015, Beasley Allen’s client was a passenger in a car driving on US Highway 80. Around 8 p.m., the car she was in suffered a tire blow-out, and the driver pulled off on the side of the road to inspect and change the tire. Shortly after that, a commercial vehicle struck the disabled car, which hit our client and caused her to suffer severe injuries to her lower back, leaving her unable to work.

According to Hornsby, she suffered a very large disc herniation in her lower back, has endured multiple surgeries and will require additional surgeries and treatment in the future due to the negligence of the employer.

Her main problem was a severe injury to her lower back, which was first noticed on MRI as a 7.5 mm herniation. She had no health insurance, little to no treatment options, and would soon be unable to work, even with her employer providing her with limited duties. Said Hornsby, “She has lived with debilitating pain in her back for years, and her road to recovery will likely last the rest of her life, but this settlement will get her back on her feet and allow her to take control of her life. I am proud to have been able to represent her and help provide some measure of justice.”

The lawsuit claimed three counts of wrongdoing, including negligence and wantonness and negligent hiring, training and supervision of employees.

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