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Water and groundwater contamination.

Monsanto and Solutia sign $700 million settlement

PCBs: Monsanto Co. and Solutia, Inc. sign an agreement that could cost more than $700 million to settle two lawsuits accusing the companies of polluting the town of Anniston, Alabama, with polychlorinated biphenyls over a period of decades. (Tolbert v Monsanto, N.C. Ala., No. CV-01-C-1407-W, 8/20/3003: Abernathy v Monsanto, Ala., Cir. Ct., No. CV-2001-832, 8/20/2003). […]

water contamination, toxic exposure

$700 million settlement reached in Alabama PCB case

BIRMINGHAM – Solutia, Inc. and Monsanto, Co. have agreed to pay $700 million to settle claims by more than 20,000 Anniston residents over PCB contamination, plaintiff's attorneys said Wednesday. The agreement, which will end a long-running trial in state court over decades –old pol…

Couple files suit against Ozark National Life Insurance

<p>James E. Bell, Kim L. Easley-Bell and Windel McCaskill each met with an agent of Ozark National Life Insurance Company about purchasing a unique type of life insurance from Ozark, one that allows investments in a mutual fund with Pioneer Services Corporation, allegedly to provide for their retiremen…</p>

Auto Accident: Crashed Ford Fiesta due to defective transmission

Celebrations on trial in wreck

Both sides agree that it was a terrible tragedy the night Christopher Torrence drunkenly drove his high-end Mercedes down North Boulevard at about 125 MPH and crashed, killing himself and one of his passengers and crippling another.

Inside of a mine / excavation site

Alabama’s fight against rock quarries

Alabama’s growing number of rock quarries has sparked the public interest in these excavation sites. Our state, with its large deposits of limestone and granite, is one of the nation’s leading producers of sand, rock and gravel. It is third in the country for limestone, and is among the top five masonry cement-producing states, according […]

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