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Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Tackle Drug Price-Fixing Litigation for States

Plaintiffs’ trial attorneys are taking on a new challenge: representing state attorneys general, health insurance plans and consumer groups in complex pharmaceutical pricing class-action suits. The suits, which allege fraud in prescription drug pricing by the nation’s major pharmaceutical companies, could result in billions of dollars in damages. The ongoing litigation heats up this month, […]

Junk science and justice in consumer litigation.

Litton Loan Servicing

Litton Loan Servicing We are currently pursuing claims against Litton Loan Servicing. Litton is a loan servicer, which means they contract with sub-prime loan originators to collect fees and payments on (primarily) mortgage loans. We believe there are a number of problems with the way Litton is collecting on certain loans. We believe they are […]

Defective Tires: Close up of a flat tire in traffic

Dangerous RV Tires

What are the dangers associated with RV tires? Our firm has handled numerous cases against tire manufacturers when their tires fail, causing accidents and injury. One of the most serious types of failures of a steel belted radial tire is a de-tread and/or belt separation. Because of the stress concentrations and subsequent high internal temperatures […]

Hatton Family Continues its Fight in Court

Today marks two years since 24-year-old Jackson Hatton Jr. was killed in a construction zone accident in Macon County, but circumstances that led to his death are no closer to being rectified than they were the day he died.

RV tire defects are more common than people think.

Tire Failures Drive RV Lawsuits

A Retired aerospace mechanic, Billy Wayne Woods babies his $200,000 luxury motor home, conscientiously cleaning it, covering its tires with wheel covers and even constructing a special RV- carport.

Defective Tires: Close up of a flat tire in traffic

Wal-Mart to Pay $4M in Tire Lawsuit

<p>Wal-Mart will pay a $4 million judgment to Carolyn Thorne in a lawsuit stemming from a tire failure three years ago that caused a wreck and left the local woman paralyzed from her injuries.</p>

RV tire defects are more common than people think.

$4 Million Awarded in Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

Montgomery County jury awarded $ 4M in favor of Carolyn Thorne against Wal-Mart Corporation. Mrs. Thorne was severely injured and paralyzed in a car accident shortly after having her car serviced at Wal-Mart. Mrs. Thorne's Ford Expedition went out of control when the tread on one of her tires separated.

Product Liability Defective Seatbelt

IMMI Defective Seat Belt Case Settles

Mr. Freeman, a truck driver, was killed when he was ejected from the large truck (tractor-trailer) he was driving on an Alabama highway back in 2005. IMMI was the manufacturer of a seat belt buckle which was part of the safety restraint in the truck Mr. Freeman was driving.

Wage and Hour Employment Cases

On August 7th, 2006, Beasley Allen filed a lawsuit for approximately twenty-five hundred former and current Dollar General store managers in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

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