$1.5 Million Settlement Secured In Negligent Tractor-Trailer Accident

Ben Keen worked diligently to secure a $1.5 million settlement for our client who was injured due to the negligence of a tractor-trailer driver.

This incident could have been avoided altogether if the tractor-trailer driver had waited for the traffic signal to turn green. Instead, he hit a pedestrian.

Setting the Scene

The traffic signal at the intersection provided a walk signal for pedestrians, and the tractor-trailer driver was faced with a red light.

  • While approaching the intersection, the driver observed the plaintiff on the sidewalk near the crosswalk.
  • After the plaintiff entered the crosswalk, the driver began navigating a right turn on red.
  • As the plaintiff tried to avoid being run over, she fell to the ground and incurred a tibial plateau fracture.
  • The driver observed the plaintiff on the ground in his side mirrors as he checked the swing of his trailer and stopped.

Focusing on the Facts

The defendant, a tractor-trailer operator, initially denied any wrongdoing, setting the stage for a legal battle. Ben made sure that he held the responsible parties accountable.

  • The driver saw the pedestrian and chose to ignore her. He was aware that she was close to the crosswalk and had the right of way, but he ignored her and focused on the vehicles approaching the direction he intended to travel.
  • He did this because he had a red light and knew he needed to make a turn that would result in him blocking lanes of oncoming traffic.
  • He made the decision to turn right, which meant putting the pedestrian at risk.

Commitment to Justice

This is just one example of our firm’s commitment to achieving justice for our clients. We have a dedicated team of attorneys, like Ben Keen, who make it their mission to right those wronged by others’ negligence, ensuring that justice is not just a concept, but a reality.

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