The GM Ignition Switch: What went wrong

July 31, 2014 - Mike Andrews demonstrates how the ignition switch functions, and what went wrong with the GM ignition switch, which the automaker admits is linked to 13 deaths. Safety experts believe that... Read More

GM estimate for victim compensation fund related to defective ignition switch works out to $22 per car

July 24, 2014 - General Motors (GM) tells shareholders its estimated cost for the victims compensation plan for ignition switch defects is $400 million; with 17.5 million affected vehicles, that’s just... Read More

Critical GM ignition switch case moved back to state court

July 21, 2014 - Despite an attempt by General Motors (GM) to move the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Melton family to the federal court system, U.S. District Judge Thomas Thrash, Jr., ruled that the... Read More

Jere Beasley and Lance Cooper react to GM general counsel testimony at congressional inquiry into defective ignition switch recall

July 17, 2014 - After congressional hearings, Beasley Allen founding shareholder Jere L. Beasley says he is "more convinced than ever that General Motors intentionally covered up a known defect that has... Read More

After face-to-face meeting with Feinberg, Beasley Allen will submit GM ignition switch injury, death claims to victims compensation fund

July 10, 2014 - After face-to-face meeting with GM Victims Compensation Fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg, Beasley Allen founder Jere Beasley says he is willing to give the plan a chance to work. Read More

Beasley Allen filing wrongful death lawsuit related to GM ignition switch defect

July 8, 2014 - Wrongful death lawsuit to be filed on behalf of the family of Daniel Hollaert, Jr., who died after losing control of his car as a result of the defective GM ignition switch and crashed into... Read More

GM compensation plan should include growing list of recalled vehicles

July 1, 2014 - General Motors’ (GM) announced its plan to compensate victims of its defective ignition switch but continues to recall vehicles not mentioned as eligible under terms of the compensation... Read More

GM compensation plan falls short for victims of ignition switch defect

June 30, 2014 - Jere Beasley says General Motors’ (GM) proposed plan to compensate victims of its defective ignition switch provides too much control to administrator and fails to sufficiently punish... Read More

Jere Beasley: ‘The truth about GM ignition switch defect is going to come out and I predict some folks are going to jail’

June 27, 2014 - Federal grand jury subpoenaed documents from General Motors (GM) related to its handling of a massive recall surrounding a defective ignition switch and criminal charges seem likely. Read More

GM stalling tactic is a move to force victims to give up hope

June 23, 2014 - The General Motors (GM) attempt to move the Melton case to federal court has one purpose, to minimize liability at the victim’s expense. Read More

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