Internet Services Department

Our Internet Services Department is comprised of copywriters, programmers, designers and search engine marketing experts. Currently, the department is charged with maintaining 40 websites including which alone comprises over 2800 individual web pages.

The main focus of is to educate the public about the issues and cases we are currently focusing on. The other websites are designed to bring awareness to specific issues that affect the public. These issue-specific websites cover everything from the dangers of asbestos to whistleblower law.

Unfortunately, if a website cannot easily be found then the wealth of information contained on the website is of little use. Say for instance, you have been the victim of a loan scheme that has brought about the possible foreclosure of your home. Time is running out and you need to find a predatory lending lawyer before it is too late. Consider for a moment that there are currently over 44,000 search results for predatory lending lawyers in Microsoft’s Live Search index. This is why we spend a great deal of time and energy focusing on Search Engine Optimization. By improving the quality of our websites’ placement in the organic search listings we are able to increase the amount of people who have access to the information on our consumer-oriented websites.

Information Technology Department

Information Technology, as defined by the Information Technology Association of America, is “the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware.”  Encompassing the computer and information systems industries, information technology is the capability to electronically input, process, store, output, transmit, and receive data and information, including text, graphics, sound, and video, as well as the ability to control machines of all kinds electronically.

Beasley Allen is very fortunate to have our own full-time, on-site Information Technologies (IT) Department.  Our staff is committed to continually researching, developing, and implementing the latest software and hardware to keep the firm on the cutting edge of technology.   The IT Department responsibilities consist of managing all the workstations, networks, printers, copiers, smart phone devices, software, and databases for the entire firm.

Graphics Department

Our in-house graphics department develops graphical presentations to be used in the courtroom and in mediations. These graphical presentations allow our attorneys to give the judge and jury a complete picture of the case at hand. We have found that using the latest technologies in the courtroom greatly increases the chances for a favorable verdict.

Time and time again, opposing councils, juries, and judges have praised the presentations developed by our graphics department and how the presentations greatly helped in the success of the case.

These many technological advancements allow Beasley Allen to stay in the forefront of multi-media and case-management.

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