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book cover aviation Publishing

Aviation Litigation & Accident Investigation

In this book, Aviation Litigation & Accident Investigation, Beasley Allen lawyer Mike Andrews discusses the complexities of aviation crash investigation and litigation. He provides basic instruction on investigating an accident, preserving evidence, insight into legal issues associated with aviation claims, and anecdotal instances of military and civilian crashes.

book cover trucking Publishing

Trucking Litigation

Beasley Allen lawyer Chris Glover has written a primer for these types of cases, An Introduction to Truck Accident Claims: A Guide to Getting Started. This volume covers topics including the basics of trucking regulations and requirements, how to prepare for your case, potential Defendants, and common issues that arise in commercial vehicle litigation.

book cover tires Publishing

Tire Litigation: a primer

The purpose of attorney Ben Baker’s book, Tire Litigation: A Primer, is to provide lawyers with a guidebook to evaluating tire litigation. Although tire failures, blowouts and detreads are foreseeable and preventable events, all too often consumers are unaware of the potential dangers from defective, old or degraded tires.

book cover whistleblowers Publishing

Whistleblowers: A Brief History & A Guide To Getting Started

In this book, Whistleblowers: A Brief History & A Guide to Getting Started, lawyer Lance Gould provides background on whistleblower law, and how it has grown through the years to expose health care fraud, pharmaceutical and medical device fraud, government contractor fraud, and financial fraud.

brochure nursing homes Publishing

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Beasley Allen lawyer Chris Boutwell is actively pursuing cases involving nursing home abuse and neglect. Long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, are rife with abuse and neglect and alarmingly high rates of underreporting. To assist families and lawyers pursuing justice for victims, Chris has prepared a brochure with information to help identify the signs of abuse and neglect, and advice about how to file a claim.

brochure african american attorneys Publishing

African-American Attorney Digest

Diversity adds different points of view, providing valuable perspective to relate to clients and juries. Beasley Allen is focused on creating a workplace where anyone can be successful if they want to be. Each of our African-American attorneys is recognized as an excellent lawyer and an asset to the legal field. Learn more about these dedicated professionals in this brochure.

brochure female attorneys Publishing

Female Attorney Digest

Increasing the number of female attorneys at Beasley Allen, and providing them an environment in which they can succeed is an integral part of the firm’s practice management. When each of our lawyers succeeds, the firm succeeds and, most importantly, the client succeeds in the quest for justice.