Serious injuries may be either physical or psychological in nature. Usually, these claims also assert that the person’s injury has been caused by the negligent or wanton conduct of another. Investigating legal claims related to serious injuries and death is at the heart of what we do and who we are as personal injury lawyers. It is the legal responsibility of manufacturers, distributors, property owners and managers to provide safe products and safe environments for us to live, work and play. When these companies violate the public’s trust by putting profit over people, we are called to seek justice for victims with the hopes of preventing anyone else from being hurt.

Personal Injury Claims

The most common types of personal injury claims we handle arise out of serious injuries suffered in traffic accidents; accidents in the workplace usually connected to defective or dangerous machinery or improper safety training and procedures; accidents in the home; maritime accidents, aviation accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect; and accidents involving traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Truck Accidents

Among personal injury claims, truck accidents and other claims involving heavy trucks and commercial vehicles may be among the more difficult to investigate. Truck crashes often create complicated accident scenes. A truck accident lawyer must be able to devote significant time and resources to investigate a personal injury or wrongful death claim that may arise from the scene. Accidents involving semi-trucks and passenger vehicles often result in serious injuries and wrongful death. Trucking companies and their insurance companies almost always quickly send accident investigators to the scene of a truck accident to begin working to limit their liability in these situations. Victims of these crashes need somebody on their side that is equipped to handle these often very complex cases. Our truck accident lawyers, staff and in-house accident investigators immediately begin the important task of documenting and preserving the evidence to go toe-to-toe with the big trucking companies. There are a lot of rules and regulations that trucking companies and drivers must follow. We can help navigate these claims and uncover what happened.

Auto Crashworthiness

When investigating serious injuries or death related to automotive accidents, one of the critical issues we examine involves vehicle crashworthiness. Crashworthiness refers to the ability of a structure to protect occupants in the event of a crash. Investigation of crashworthiness may include the vehicle structure itself, as well as various safety systems in place that are designed to keep occupants safe, such as seatbelts and airbags. Crashworthiness may also affect vehicle components in passenger and commercial vehicles like child safety seats, seatbacks, and cab guards. This area of personal injury law also includes special vehicles like motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

Another important area of investigation in our Personal Injury practice involves single-vehicle accidents. Very often, when we look into a single-vehicle crash where the injuries seem more severe than ought to be warranted, or there is a death involved, we may uncover a case of auto products liability linked to a defective product or lack of auto crashworthiness. For example, a driver may be following all the rules of the road, and recommendations for safe driving. They are wearing their seatbelt, the car is equipped with airbags and anti-lock brakes, and they take it in for regular service. But if a car or auto products manufacturer has made a defective product, the driver is unaware of the danger. What should have been a fender-bender or minor crash turns tragic if defective auto products are allowed onto the marketplace.

Aviation Accidents

Although some argue it is several times safer than driving on the highway, flying is an inherently dangerous way of traveling. Soaring through the sky hundreds of miles an hour, thousands of feet above the ground in an airplane or helicopter leaves little room for error. One small mechanical problem, misjudgment or faulty response in the air can spell disaster for air passengers and even unsuspecting people on the ground. Mike Andrews, a lawyer in the firm’s Personal Injury and Products Liability section, focuses much of his practice on aviation accident litigation. He has represented people seriously injured in aviation crashes, and the family of those killed in both civilian and military airplane crashes and helicopter crashes. He is currently representing family members who lost loved ones in the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash of the Boeing 737 Max 8.

Heavy Equipment Injuries

Thousands of workers suffer serious injuries or are killed on the job as a result of defective industrial products every year. Although a state’s workers’ compensation system places limitations on the ability of employees to hold employers accountable for work-related injuries, many people do not realize that there may be another available source of recovery. In fact, many times when our personal injury lawyers are investigating a worker’s compensation case, they discover a defective industrial product is to blame. Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries, deaths and amputations commonly occur from defective products found in the workplace, including heavy equipment, conveyor belts, lifts and other machinery. But if a product causes an on-the-job injury, a product liability suit may be brought against the product’s manufacturer. We help ensure that employers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and others who make products available to the public are held responsible for the injuries those products cause.

Negligence and Premises Liability

The Personal Injury Section also investigates claims of injury related to Premises Liability, where a property owner fails to secure or maintain their property and serious injuries or death result. A common example of this type of claim is accidental drowning when children or other persons are able to access an unsecured swimming pool or other body of water. A land or property owner is responsible for accidents, serious injuries, death, or other incidents that occur on his real property. In addition to swimming pools, hot tubs and ponds or lakes, real property also may include buildings, machinery, wells, dams, mines, canals, curbs and roads, among others. A property owner may also be liable for serious injuries that occur on his property as a result of conditions like snow and ice, wet floors, concealed holes, insufficient lighting, improperly secured mats or other hazards. Premises liability also applies to apartment complexes, sidewalks, road construction areas, elevators, escalators, playgrounds and amusement parks. Shoppers, pedestrians, people going about their lives in work or play, should be able to count on reasonable safety where they work and live. It is the responsibility of a property owner to make sure they create a safe environment.

Negligent Security

negligent security, personal injury claims, serious injury lawyersAn area of law related to Premises Liability is Negligent Security. These claims usually involve shootings, fights, stabbings, or other physical violence (including sexual assault) where severe injury or death occurs due to the establishment owner’s failure to take reasonable safety measures. When this occurs, the establishment owner, as well as those contractors charged with security, may be held responsible for the injuries suffered by individuals or groups of individuals on the premises. Our negligent security lawyers are experienced in handling these types of claims. It is frightening to think that going to a concert, visiting a nightclub, or just going home after a long day to your apartment complex could result in serious injuries or death at the hands of a violent criminal. It is up to the owners of these establishments to make sure their property is secure.

Sexual Abuse

Many of these cases tragically involve children who have been abused by a trusted adult, often in a position of authority or caregiving with an organization, club or other entity that purports to provide care, enrichment and learning opportunities. These are probably the most tragic cases our serious injury lawyers handle. Sexual abuse creates a permanent scar on a young life that they will always carry with them. We consider it our highest privilege to bring these abusers to justice and ensure they will not harm anyone else.


Serious Injury Lawyers

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