It’s been several months since Mr. Beasley has wrote about the litigation Beasley Allen law firm is handling involving the G159/70 22.5 RV tires.

Since then we have learned even more about Goodyear and the RV Industry’s knowledge about how dangerous these tires are when used on the big, Class A motor homes.

One of the major problems with the G159 tire is that it was not designed for use on Class A motor homes being operated at highway speeds. Instead, the tire was designed for use on “regional” and “metro” delivery trucks.

To accommodate that use, it was made with a thick tread package designed for vehicles that constantly face curbs, potholes, debris and constant stop-and-go driving. The tire belts were also widened for this use.

The problem with this design, when used on the big Class A motor homes, is that the tread package and wide belt design makes the tire run too hot at highway speeds. This can result in tire failures and separations, leading to accidents, injuries, and death. There have been instances where this very thing has happened.

After much work, and several court orders, we have obtained numerous documents and depositions that show knowledge of Goodyear and the RV industry of the problems with the G159 tire.

The documents and testimony have been placed under seal so we can not specifically discuss them or disclose their contents at this point in time.

We have also discovered the identification of over 30 lawsuits which have been filed against Goodyear and RV manufacturers over the past 7 to 8 years. In one case, which Goodyear settled in 2003, we filed a motion to intervene in a California federal court to try to lift the protective order and given access to some potentially damaging testimony against Goodyear.

The judge has granted our motion. Hopefully, this will allow us to unseal the record. The G159 tire is no longer marketed as an RV tire. It was replaced by the G70V. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of G159 tires in use today. Based on their long track record of failures, these potentially dangerous tires must be recalled.

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