Lithium-ion batteries continue rearing their ugly and dangerous heads.

Last Tuesday, freshmen at Staley High School in Kansas City, Mo., were forced from their classroom and into the library after the lithium-ion battery in one student’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire. The smartphone is not the model that was recalled this fall, but according to media reports, it is the same series and generation.

As discussed in an earlier Beasley Allen website post, lithium-ion batteries are placing more consumers in danger as the batteries struggle to meet consumers’ overwhelming demands. Even a microscopic defect can make a batter volatile. Mobile phone industry representatives warn that getting the battery wet, charging it too long, and charging the phone with a generic charger can also lead to explosion, fire or both. They also believe charger manufactures should be scrutinized to determine any link between chargers and exploding electronic devices.

While the Kansas City incident did not injury anyone, it is not the first Galaxy S7 smartphone to explode. Amarjit Mann, a Canadian mechanic suffered second degree burns on his hands and a spark from the phone burned his face – just missing his eye. Mann was driving when he noticed the phone getting warm in his pocket. He took it out and it immediately exploded. Mann will be out of work for approximately two weeks while he heals. In describing the smartphone he said “it’s like a bomb you carry.”

The online technology blog Tech Times notes that several Apple iPhone consumers have reported their iPhone 7 smartphone has exploded, caught fire or both. A pregnant Australian woman, Melanie Tan Pelaez, suffered second degree burns on her arm after accidently falling asleep on her iPhone 7 while it was charging.

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