I have written on numerous occasions about the Goodyear G159 RV tire and the wrecks, injuries and deaths it caused. Goodyear originally designed the G159 RV tire for metro pickup and delivery trucks, such as those used by UPS. Vehicles that are used in urban settings and not for extended trips at highway speeds for several hours. The design features that made the G159 RV tire appropriate for delivery trucks made it dangerous and prone to fail when used on large RVs driven at highway speeds. The tire’s thick tread and wide belt package caused the tire to run too hot and fail.

Our lawyers learned during litigation that Goodyear sold the G159 as a RV tire until it could replace it with a tire that it designed for RV’s, the G670. Unfortunately, the G670 is starting to experience failure’s and cause injuries and deaths like its predecessor. We learned in the numerous cases we handled against Goodyear that it decided to sell the G159 as a RV tire because in the late 1990’s, it did not make a tire specifically for RVs and was developing an RV tire, the G670 RV. The G670 is sold in two sizes. The larger tire, the 295/80, is made by Goodyear at its Dunlop plant in Buffalo, New York. The other size, the 275/70, is made at a traditional Goodyear plant. Unfortunately, the 670 RV made at the Dunlop plant is beginning to gain notoriety for failing and causing injuries and deaths. In the last few years, over 15 lawsuits have been filed against Goodyear relative to the Dunlop made 670.

Remarkably, the Dunlop made 670 is designed more like the G159 then the 670 which Goodyear boast as its RV tire. The Dunlop tire tread depth is thicker, its top belt is wider and its inner liner is thinner, less than half of the 670 made at the Goodyear plant. Further, as we have learned in other tire cases, the Dunlop plant is notorious for bad manufacturing processes.

Based on what we are seeing, it is becoming apparent that Goodyear failed to learn anything from its experiences with the G159. RV owners need to take caution when causing the Dunlop made 670. If you need more information, contact Rick Morrison, the lead lawyer in our firm on tire litigation, at 800-898-2034 or by email at Rick.Morrison@beasleyallen.com.

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