The New York primary votes have virtually assured that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off in the General Election. Short of a miracle these two will get the nominations of their party. This should be a most interesting contest. I don’t believe that the “Stop Donald Trump” movement, which has been carried out in a most inept manner, will be a factor at the GOP convention in Cleveland. In fact, the manner in which this movement was carried out actually made Trump stronger because it angered and energized his base. The protests at his rallies were definitely a plus for Trump.

Hillary has stayed the course and run a very good campaign so far. Even though the early polls show her beating Trump handily, I believe that race will be very close. Trump is smart enough to bring in some experienced individuals who have been involved in successful campaigns. His combative style and the anti-establishment feelings that prevail around the country have gotten Trump this far and it may be a mistake to change things.

It will be very important for Hillary to bring the Sanders vote into her camp once the nomination is in the bag. In my opinion, she will be able to do that. There is little chance that Sanders’ voters could vote for a Republican. The difficulty for the Clinton campaign will be to keep the huge number of new voters energized. I believe that will be a help to the outcome of the election and will likely determine who the next president is.

Perhaps the most interesting development thus far in the primary battles involves the new Trump Campaign team. The new bosses told the National Republican Committee at a meeting in Florida last month that Trump has been playing to the crowds and will change once he gets the nomination. While this normally wouldn’t be newsworthy in politics, when Trump is the subject – it’s news. That’s because Trump has run as an outsider against the establishment and now it appears it has been a charade. It will be interesting to see how this new look works for Trump. Stay tuned!

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