John and Renee Parault were joined in marriage and ministry through their work with Son Rise Ministries. The Paraults were traveling through Alabama with their adult daughter from their home in North Carolina to a revival in Louisiana when their world was turned upside down. The family had just eaten breakfast when a tractor trailer suddenly and without warning changed lanes right into the Parault’s vehicle.

The impact eventually caused the tractor trailer to run over the Parault’s vehicle as the massive size of the tractor trailer was no match for the small car. Sadly, the carelessness of the truck driver caused Mr. Parault’s death and seriously injured Renee as well as their daughter, Darlene Keller. The tractor trailer was owned and being operated by MSJ Trucking.

Our investigation revealed that MSJ Trucking had a history of serious violations of various motor vehicle regulations, including operating with fatigued drivers. The circumstances of this wreck strongly suggested that the driver of the tractor trailer was severely fatigued when he drove his truck into the lane of travel occupied by the Paraults.

We recreated much of what happened on that tragic day through litigation testing with well qualified trucking experts. Our testing proved that a conscientious, well-rested driver most certainly would have easily recognized the danger moving into an occupied lane of travel. Settlement was reached for a confidential amount during the pendency of the litigation.

John Parault served in his ministry 50 years before going on to be with the Lord. His ministry website tells the story of the first time he told his wife he loved her. He said, “Rene, if you ever need a friend, I am here for you, even to the laying down of my life.” His wife was overwhelmed and began to weep. Then she said to John, “Do you know what you have said?” He then replied, “Yes I do.” John later would say that he went back into his bedroom and said to the Lord, “I told that woman I loved her. Lord, if you want me to marry Rene, then I will lay my life down.” He leaves behind a wife who misses him greatly and a wonderful family.

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