Beasley Allen has handled a number of cases involving serious injury and death involving Recreational Vehicles (RVs). Among the most common causes of RV accidents are defective RV tires, and improperly installed awnings on the vehicles’ exteriors.

What are the dangers associated with RV tires?

Defective tires are at risk of catastrophic tread separation, which results in tire failure and may cause the RV driver to lose control of the vehicle. Attorneys investigating these cases have found many instances where a tire manufacturer approved and sold a particular type of tire for use on an RV, when in fact the tire was not suitable for that type of vehicle.

Some of these tires were originally designed for urban delivery vehicles and speed-rated for only 65 miles per hour continuous use. The tire is prone to overheat on RVs that typically travel at higher speeds for extended periods, particularly after speed limits were increased throughout most of the country. Excessive heat in a tire will break down its internal components over time, and is a leading cause of tread belt detachment failure.

What are the dangers associated with RV awnings?

The public should be aware of the dangers involving awnings attached to the side of recreational vehicles (RVs) and horse trailers. The hazard is that awnings which have been rolled up and fastened to the side of the vehicle may become dislodged when the locks holding them to the vehicle fail, causing the awning to hang out towards oncoming traffic.

This hazard is so common that one RV manufacturer stated on its website: “There are two types of RVers: those that have had their awnings blown off, and those that will!”

An awning that comes unfastened as the RV is traveling on the highway may swing out from the vehicle and impact the windshield or other areas of vehicles on the roadway, posing a risk of serious injury or death to those drivers.

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