Jury Awards $3 Milion in Nursing Home Neglect Case

November 5, 2007 - A jury in Platte County, Missouri rendered a verdict requiring the owner and operator of Barry Manor and White Oak nursing facilities to pay more than $3 million to the estate of a former... Read More

Family Blames Nursing Home’s Lack of Care for Man’s Death

October 31, 2007 - Families who can no longer take care of their loved ones decide to trust their loved one's care to a nursing home, only to have allegations of nursing home neglect appear a few months later. Read More

Bill to Protect Nursing Home Abuse Victims Vetoed

October 19, 2007 - Only hours before it would become law, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 399, a popular assembly bill that would have required the CDPH to complete investigations of nursing home... Read More

Nursing Home Neglect Medicare Patients not Receiving Quality Care

October 17, 2007 - A UCLA study has revealed that vulnerable elderly patients receive only 65 percent of the tests and other diagnostic evaluations and treatments for a number of conditions, including heart... Read More

Arbitration in Nursing Home Dispute is Bad for Resident Care

October 10, 2007 - Alabama nursing homes require mandatory, binding arbitration clauses in admission forms. Read More

Nursing Home Abuse at Privately-Held Facilities Should be Investigated

October 9, 2007 - To US Senators want to know if nursing home abuse and neglect are more prevalent in facilities owned by private Wall Street equity firms, and they are asking the Government Accountability... Read More

Nursing Home Abuse Neglect & Little known Facts

October 9, 2007 - Would it surprise you to know that nursing home abuse and neglect is more prevalent in facilities that are owned by private investment firms. With many of our elderly in need of nursing... Read More

Nursing Home Plaintiffs Targeted By Tort Reform

September 1, 2003 - Nursing home residents and their families seeking to sue for injuries stemming from substandard care are feeling the squeeze in many states, as advocates of tort “reform”... Read More

Governor’s son among attorneys suing nursing homes

April 29, 2003 - MONTGOMERY (AP) – When Alabama nursing homes run TV ads criticizing trial lawyers, they are casting a wide net that falls on Gov. Bob Riley's son. Read More

Riley’s son in thick of tort reform battle over nursing homes

April 29, 2003 - MONTGOMERY Gov. Bob Riley's son is on the patients' side of a tort reform war between trial lawyers and nursing home owners, one of the most bitter battles of this legislative season. Read More

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