Ford Settles in Rollover Lawsuit

December 5, 2007 - More than 250 people were killed and hundreds more injured in rollover accidents involving tread separation on Bridgestone/Firestone tires, most of which were on Explorers at the time they... Read More

Tire Recalls Show Flaws in the System

November 1, 2007 - Like many people, Carolyne Thorne once thought recalled tires got whisked off cars quickly in the name of highway safety. Read More

Jury Awards $15M in Personal Injury Case

October 25, 2007 - A federal jury in Illinois awarded a South Carolina woman $15 million recently after finding that a tire on the motorcycle she was riding on had a defect and caused an accident that left... Read More

Federal Tire Safety Rule is Not Good for Safety

October 16, 2007 - Consumer advocates contend that the new rules relating to tires contain language that protects tire manufacturers from lawsuits - language that wasn't included in the original... Read More

Alabama Attorney General Warns about Dangerous Tires

September 28, 2007 - Alabama Attorney General Troy King has alerted Alabama citizens to the fact that the federal government is warning drivers that they may have faulty tires that could be vulnerable to... Read More

255,000 Chinese Made Tires Recalled

September 28, 2007 - A tire importer is recalling 255,000 Chinese-made tires it claims were defective because they lack a safety feature that prevents tread separation. The recall involves half the... Read More

Jury Verdict Returned Against Ford in Aerostar Crash

September 17, 2007 - A jury in Florida ruled against Ford Motor Co. in a recent case. The verdict required Ford to pay $6 million to a Florida man who was paralyzed when the Ford Aerostar van he was in rolled... Read More

SUVs Show Improvements in Government Rollover Ratings

August 29, 2007 - Many new sport utility vehicles, equipped with anti-rollover technology, are less of a risk for rollover crashes than their predecessors, the government says. Read More

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