Jere Beasley responds to GM congressional testimony about company’s handling of ignition switch defect, recalls

June 18, 2014 - Beasley Allen Founding Shareholder Jere L. Beasley says GM’s testimony today in front of a congressional committee does little to remove doubt from his mind that GM executives were aware... Read More

How many more defective GM cars are still on the road?

June 17, 2014 - Despite repeated assurances its defective ignition switch problem had been fully addressed, this week General Motors (GM) recalled another 3.16 million vehicles related to the defect. Read More

GM recalls Camaros for problems related to ignition switch defect despite safety assurances

June 13, 2014 - The auto giant says the ignition switch in the 2010-2014 year model Camaro can be moved out of the “run” position when the key fob is jostled by the drivers’ knee, causing the car to... Read More

GM attempting to move Melton case to Federal Court in stalling effort

June 12, 2014 - General Motors (GM) demonstrates it says one thing and does another in treatment of victims of its faulty ignition switch by seeking to move Melton case behind bankruptcy firewall. Read More

GM settlement should include punitive damages to insure future safety, punish wrongful conduct

June 11, 2014 - Beasley Allen Founding Shareholder Jere L. Beasley says any settlement negotiations with General Motors (GM) must include punitive damages to punish the automaker for history of wrongful... Read More

GM ignition switch investigation reveals history of incompetence

June 9, 2014 - Beasley says a number of actions taken by GM involving the ignition switch indicate it knew about the problem early on, even in the car's development, but were not willing to inform the... Read More

GM report on defective ignition switch hints at future product liability

June 9, 2014 - Beasley Allen Founding Shareholder Jere L. Beasley told WAKA-TV8 he doesn't believe the automaker's top executives could have been ignorant of a problem that lingered for nearly 11 years. Read More

What did GM know about ignition defect, and when?

June 9, 2014 - According to Beasley, GM's claim that the massive automaker did not know about the ignition switch defect, and its failure to report the safety problems to the National Highway Traffic... Read More

GM’s ignition switch recall controversy described by Jere Beasley

June 5, 2014 - GM's ignition switch defect allows the key to unintentionally slip from the "run" to "off" or "accessory" position while the vehicle is being operated. Read More

Beasley Allen, Cooper Firm react to GM evaluation of defective ignition switch recall investigation

June 5, 2014 - GM CEO Mary Barra blamed ignition switch failure and recall delay linked to serious injuries and deaths on “pattern of incompetence and neglect at the company Read More

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