Lawyers put pressure on Merck over Vioxx

November 2, 2004 - Plaintiffs' attorneys stepped up pressure on Merck on cases related to its withdrawal of Vioxx, the anti-inflammatory drug, sending the US drugmaker's shares plummeting again. Read More

Merck Falls on report of Secrecy

November 2, 2004 - Shares of Merck & Co. plunged again after a news report suggested the drug maker attempted to keep safety worries from hurting the prospects of Vioxx before the company finally recalled the... Read More

News that maker hid Vioxx data sinks stock 10 percent

November 2, 2004 - Shares of Merck & Co. plunged more than 10 percent yesterday after a news report said documents showed the pharmaceutical giant hid or denied evidence for years that its blockbuster... Read More

Senate investigators interview lawyer who has sued Merck

November 2, 2004 - Senate investigators examining Merck's recall of its Vioxx painkiller have interviewed an Alabama lawyer whose firm has filed 58 lawsuits against the company on Read More

How bad will the lawsuits get, Really, Really Bad.

November 1, 2004 - Surveying the wreckage of the worst pharmaceutical tort litigations of the past, investors naturally want to know: Will Vioxx be the next Baycol, or Rezulin, or fen-phen? Our prediction is:... Read More

Lawyers look to Vioxx recall to Boost Plaintiffs Cases

October 25, 2004 - Plaintiffs' attorneys are predicting that Merck & Co.'s recall of Vioxx will significantly enhance their odds of convincing jurors that the popular arthritis medication caused their... Read More

Vioxx Ads topped $500M against Rival Pfizer

October 24, 2004 - Merck spent more than $500 million advertising the medicine, television ads featured former Olympic ice skater Dorothy Hamill or The Rascals' 1960s anthem, "It's a Beautiful Morning." Read More

Pfizer Warns of Risks from its Painkiller

October 16, 2004 - Pfizer warned doctors that one of its best-selling painkillers, Bextra, might increase the risk of heart attack or stroke in coronary artery bypass surgery patients. Read More

Response to Merck’s Press Conference regarding Vioxx

October 13, 2004 - Merck's press conference was very disappointing, according to Andy Birchfield, "Instead of accepting responsibility for putting a dangerous drug on the market and keeping it there for so... Read More

Lawsuits looming as Vioxx Recalled

October 13, 2004 - Lawsuits. Lawsuits. Lawsuits. And they're coming fast. The recall came after testing revealed the risk of heart attack or stroke doubled for those taking Vioxx. Read More

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