Cancer drug Taxotere linked to permanent hair loss

April 6, 2017 - Beasley Allen lawyer Beau Darley joins Beasley Allen Report host and Beasley Allen lawyer Gibson Vance to discuss how an expected, temporary side effect of chemotherapy could prove... Read More

Proton pump inhibitors, side effects discussed by Beasley Allen attorney Roger Smith

April 6, 2017 - Beasley Allen attorney Roger Smith joins BA attorney and host Gibson Vance to discuss what patients need to know if they believe they have been negatively affected by PPIs, including... Read More

Zimmer Biomet shoulder replacement system recalled due to excessive fracturing

April 6, 2017 - Zimmer issued the Class 1 Recall only after patients suffered from fractures in the humeral tray component. Read More

Retrievable IVC filters may migrate, fracture; number of lawsuits climbs

March 29, 2017 - Potential complications from retrievable IVC filters include device fracture, migration, and perforation of the inferior vena cava, which can lead to embolism, organ damage, and death. Read More

Leading Lady Danielle Mason works to advance women’s health through legal advocacy

March 28, 2017 - Beasley Allen lawyer Danielle Mason sees her legal practice as a way to protect those who do not have the ability or resources to protect themselves – to help average citizens fight... Read More

Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals legal battles over Risperdal continue

March 15, 2017 - Plaintiffs contend Janssen concealed the risk of Risperdal’s most devastating side effect, gynecomastia, or the abnormal growth of breast tissue in young boys. Read More

Bristol-Myers Squibb top-selling antipsychotic Abilify linked to users’ compulsive gambling

March 8, 2017 - When the FDA reviewed Abilify’s adverse events reports, 184 of them linked the drug with the impulse-control problems that developed in adults and children taking Abilify. The most... Read More

Lawsuits increase as research linking Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) heartburn drugs and kidney damage mounts

March 1, 2017 - A 1992 study first linked PPI use to Acute Interstitial Nephritis (AIN), inflammation in the spaces between the kidney tubules. Later studies linked PPI use with an increased risk of Acute... Read More

First Xarelto trial set for April; blood thinner linked to severe bleeding risk

February 24, 2017 - The first of four bellwether trials for the Xarelto multidistrict litigation (MDL) is set to begin on April 24, 2017 in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Read More

Zimmer Biomet recalls Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System due to excessive humeral tray fractures

February 21, 2017 - Zimmer Biomet has initiated a Class I Recall of its popular Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System due to an excessive number of fractures in the humeral tray component. Read More

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