Dental group sues Blue Cross

January 7, 2005 - The Alabama Dental Association is suing Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, claiming the insurance company defrauded roughly 1,600 dentists out of more than $100 million in... Read More

Broad discovery requests to prove pattern and practice of Bad Faith

September 4, 2004 - Eastern District of Pennsylvania issued a 27 page opinion that affirmed a Magistrate Judge's orders requiring insurers to answer broad discovery requests related to their business... Read More

Law is called stacked deck for Insurers

May 27, 2004 - Susan Ackerman made a dismaying discovery one that ought to be stenciled in bold letters across the policies of all 130 million of us who have health and disability coverage through our... Read More

Did Insurer Cheat Disabled Clients

November 17, 2002 - If you're one of the 50 million Americans who has money deducted from his or her paycheck to pay for disability insurance, or if you've purchased a disability policy on your own, you may... Read More

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