Cases Investigated

Beasley Allen is currently investigating cases involving denied disability insurance. However, our attorneys would like to investigate any claims of loss in any industry that may be the result of fraud.

Unum Group reverses 42 percent of reviewed claims

May 1, 2008 - CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - In a forced self-review, the Unum Group agreed to fully or partly reverse 42 percent of previously denied disability claims and paid out $676 million in additional... Read More

Lawsuit Accuses Broker, Insurers of Cheating Benefits Plans

October 8, 2007 - A California lawyer investigating insurance fraud for the state has filed a private civil racketeering lawsuit that accuses a West Coast broker and a half-dozen of the nation's largest... Read More

Surgeon Wins $31 Million in Unum Provident Lawsuit

October 8, 2007 - A California jury's $31.7 million verdict against Unum Provident, the nation's largest disability insurer, is just one of a number of legal problems the company faces. More than 2,500... Read More

Beasley Allen files over 350 lawsuits

April 17, 2003 - Beasley Allen is one of the leading civil litigators in the United States with approximately 350 lawsuits currently UnumProvident Corporation and its subsidiary companies. Additional... Read More

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