Young epileptic inspires ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges, audience

posted on:
July 13, 2010


People who suffer from epilepsy are often told they cannot do things. But high school student Connor Doran found something he could do that would also help decrease the stress in his life – indoor kite flying.

“Basically, instead of flying with wind, you fly with movement,” said Connor, just before he took the stage in front of judges for this season’s America’s Got Talent.

“I was prepared to laugh at that,” said judge Piers Morgan, “and then you began to do your thing. And it was one of the most extraordinary performances.”

“You’ve struggled a lot in your life and you continue to struggle, and this releases your stress,” said judge Howie Mandel. “Watching that, it sent me to that (stress-free) place.”

“He was mezmorizing,” agreed judge Sharon Osbourne. The three judges all voted to move Connor to the next round in Las Vegas, as the crowd gave the young kite-flyer a standing and roaring ovation.

For people like Connor who suffer from epilepsy, life can be challenging. Frequent and unpredictable seizures can interfere with jobs and social lives. Oftentimes medication can control seizures. But even when managed, slight variations in medications, such as switching from a brand name to a generic, can cause seizures to return or other symptoms to arise. Sometimes, as in Connor’s case, the best medication is not found in a bottle.

“When I’m flying nothing can touch me,” Connor told the judges. “I never think about having seizures.”

Watch the video.

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