Wii-hab Charity Project

posted on:
July 17, 2009


Wii hab Project CBS News1 Wii hab Charity ProjectJoin Beasley Allen and dozens of other attorneys from across the country as we band together to help patients recovering from strokes, broken bones, surgery and even combat injuries. By working together and donating dozens of Nintendo Wiis, we hope to help thousands of patients that are currently being treated in more than 50 rehabilitation centers, children’s hospitals and nursing homes across the country.

Whether you call it “Wii-hab” or “Wii-habilitation“, the fact remains that Nintendo’s Wii video game system is fast becoming a craze in rehabilitation and physical therapy centers across the country.

The usual stretching and lifting exercises that help the sick or injured regain strength can be painful, repetitive and downright boring.

In fact, many patients say PT – physical therapy’s nickname – really stands for “pain and torture,” said James Osborn, who oversees rehabilitation services at Herrin Hospital in southern Illinois.

Using the game console’s unique, motion-sensitive controller, Wii games require body movements similar to traditional therapy exercises. But patients become so engrossed mentally they’re almost oblivious to the rigor, Osborn said.

Nominate your favorite rehabilitation and physical therapy center to receive a free Nintendo Wii on the Wii-hab Facebook Group.

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