Tire size is critical to proper vehicle handling

posted on:
February 23, 2017

Benjamin E. Baker

Most can relate to driving an interstate littered with shredded pieces of rubber, the remnants of a tire someone was depending on to get them to work or to school, and the cause for a day gone unexpectedly sour. Good ways to prevent a tire from ruining your day include heeding good advice from a tire service center and ensuring tires are the proper size for your vehicle.

In the driver’s side door of your vehicle, a tire label states what the ideal tire size is for your car. It is the tire size for which your vehicle was specifically designed. For example, the handling of your car is designed specifically for the size tire listed on that label.

Increasing a tire’s size, known as plus-sizing, too far from the manufacturer recommendation can cause risks. Consumer Reports states plus-sizing can sacrifice ride comfort and traction in inclement weather conditions such as snow or rain. Larger tires can increase grip, which also increases tipping risk, because the wheels are “sticking rather than sliding under hard cornering forces and also during emergency road maneuvers – a major reason some auto manufacturers advise owners to stay with the tire size and type the vehicle came with,” Consumer Reports cautions.

Again, check with a tire professional when considering plus-sizing or if you are in need of any tire-related advice for your vehicle. Ensuring your tires are within manufacturer standards is a simple, time- and cost-effective way to ensure everyone in your vehicle makes it to their destination.

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Source: Consumer Reports

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