State is Still Waiting on the Exxon Appeal

posted on:
September 25, 2007



We hadn’t received any word from the Alabama Supreme Court on the Exxon appeal when this issue went to the printer. I have never seen a case on appeal that has drawn so much attention in the form of op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, text messages, and the like.

The case was tried for the second time in 2003 and has been on appeal now for over three years. AVALA has been very active over the past several weeks for some reason and has been very busy labeling the case as frivolous. That has caused a number of persons to contact our office asking the status of the appeal.

To put matters in context, the case was first filed at the direction of Attorney General Bill Pryor. It was tried the first time when he was Attorney General resulting in a verdict in the State’s favor. That verdict was reversed o a technical issue. The case was continued by the present Attorney General, Troy King, after he took office and tried a second time. Governor Bob Riley has supported the lawsuit fully and actually attended oral arguments in the Alabama Supreme Court.

All of these men are familiar with the facts of the case and know that Exxon committed a massive fraud against the State of Alabama – a fraud that was devised and put together at the highest levels of the corporate structure of Exxon. Frankly, it’s the strongest case of fraud that I have ever been involved with. We are awaiting the decision from the Alabama Supreme Court and hopefully it will come soon.


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