Serious eye injury case settled in Pike County

posted on:
June 14, 2009


On January 16, 2008, Henry Jinright left Ken Cox Ford in Troy, Alabama where he was employed as a salesperson. As he was driving home on U.S. Highway 231 to Brundidge, to pick up his wife and attend church, Mr. Jinright was involved in a motor vehicle wreck. The wreck occurred within the city limits of Troy. A car, driven by an employee of Werner Enterprises, failed to yield the right-of-way, pulling in front of Mr. Jinright. Werner Enterprises had sent a driver and two other persons to Troy to pick up an 18-wheeler truck. When the crash occurred, the airbag in the Jinright car deployed. Mr. Jinright suffered a fracture to the right orbit and severe trauma to his right eye.

As a result of his injuries, Mr. Jinright suffered traumatic glaucoma to his right eye which required surgery. The lens in the eye had to be replaced and he also suffered some damage to the retina in that eye. As a result of the injuries, Mr. Jinright lost the sight in his right eye.

In addition to his employment at the Ford dealership, Mr. Jinright also had a job as a catastrophic property appraiser. He was unable to resume that job because of the depth perception problem resulting from his eye injury. The case settled recently for a confidential amount. Mike Crow from our firm handled the case for Mr. Jinright and did a very good job. We are greatly pleased to have reached a good settlement for him.

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