Senate Hearing on ‘Roof Crush’ in Automobile Rollovers

posted on:
May 29, 2008

Sabina Clarke

Kevin Moody, a grieving father who lost his son Tyler on January 16, 2003 due to injuries from ‘roof crush’ has that day forever etched in his memory: “Five and a half years ago, my son, Tyler, was killed in a single vehicle rollover accident in his 1995 Ford Explorer which slid off the road and rolled over at a speed of only 40 miles an hour, into a flat grassy field. The weak roof in his Ford Explorer collapsed and crushed him to death.” Since Tyler Moody’s death, Kevin Moody has been on a mission to get the roof strength standard, FMVSS 216, upgraded and convince Congress to pass new legislation regulating and mandating a new and adequate roof strength standard beyond what NHTSA, (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) has proposed.
Last September 6, on what would have been Tyler’s 23rd birthday, Oklahoma Senator (Dr.) Tom Coburn received a Vaultz box hand-delivered by Kevin Moody and Paula Lawlor, founder of the non-profit, The box contained a personalized letter with Tyler’s photo engraved in marble; Deadly By Design by Paula Lawlor and crashworthiness attorney Todd Tracy; and a DVD player and DVD video drop test comparison showing the effect of ‘roof crush’ on a production versus a reinforced roof. As a result of receiving these powerful materials, both Moody and Lawlor were contacted by Senator (Dr.) Tom Coburn’s office.

After several meetings with Moody, Senator Coburn prompted Senator Mark Pryor, Chairman, U.S. Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Automotive Safety, to call a Senate Hearing on the role of ‘roof crush’ in automobile rollover accidents.

The Senate Hearing on ‘roof crush’ is scheduled for Wednesday, June 4th, from 10 to 11:30 AM in room 253, Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. The Hearing is open to the public and to the news media.

Scheduled to testify are one representative each from NHTSA; Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers; Advocates for Highway Safety; Insurance Institute for Highway Safety; Public Citizen; and quadriplegic ‘roof crush’ victim, Dr. David Garcia.

It is too late for my son, said Moody, “but if we don’t act quickly and decisively, another 10,000 this year will meet the same fate as my son.”

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